The economy is making ANOTHER comeback

If you have been living in Britain since the 2007-2008 recession (caused by the Global Financial Crisis), you may have noticed that the economy has been relaying through phases of decline and stagnation. Most of the British population has really felt this toll on the economy, and as we are becoming more aware of the drivers of crashes as such, we can take the necessary steps to prevent and reduce a similar event from occurring. The BBC have announced predictions that this summer, the UK economy will overtake the level it was at before the 2008 crisis. This promising news has arrived on par with the sunny weather. Whilst I am more than happy, as a graduate of 2014 (once I get through all of this work) that the job market is starting to improve, i cannot help but share the element of cynicism which comes to mind. When the economy does begin to stabilise and experience growth, the government and population must ensure they are doing all they can to prevent this from blowing up. After all, a sunny day does not eliminate the major environmental problems we are still facing and a growing bubble will at some point burst.


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