Making a comeback

After recently graduating, I have been in quite a slump. Leaving university was one of the most difficult things i had to do and I have honestly been in a nostalgic mood, one that was difficult to shake. Most of my time i have spent feeling numb, doing things, but feeling nothing and empty. For the first time i have had nothing substantial going on for me during this summer period. Whilst this was purposeful in its intent, i realise, it is not for me. After two months, I have finally managed to crack the feeling and all the negativity is beginning to erode. For the first time today, i finally feel free. There is something about the calmness in my spirit today, it has caused a continuous glow and smile on my face. 

Currently seated in the Manchester Central Library, a precious location richly decorated both literally and through generational memories, I find my former self returning. Working on some research, i am beginning to regain some fulfilment of my time. Literally giving myself time off was corroding away my liveliness. With the blessing of literature and of course the internet, i hereby declare myself to be returning (with oh so much lost time to catch up on)!  

With love, for now. 

Have a great day!


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