The enlightening messages music can bring

Today, I have been doing a lot of thinking, more so than usual. I happened to turn on the radio and a song encouraged my strange, curious thoughts. 

I had to take a moment to credit this positive and encouraging song of individualism. Music is often criticised for it’s explicit messages to vulnerable minds, but in this case, it just radiated a unique message. This is a shout-out to the catchy Norwegian Singer/Songwriting duo Nico & Vinz and their ability to magically wrap up complex issues and troubles many face in a couple of minutes of mesmerising sounds. As we grow into an adult, it is more easy than we think to fall into the bad crowd and act immorally. Amongst many things, this song reaches out to those who are strong enough to stand up for themselves and issues important to them. 

Thank you for cheering me up 🙂 (and allowing me to continue believing in what i stand for!)

For anyone who is yet to appreciate this song.. enjoy 🙂


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