I hope i can inspire you a little to read…my favourite books.

I was recently “tagged” in a post to upload my favourite books. It took me several weeks to narrow down. It is still not entirely my favourite ten (the list, like many is ndless), but i did manage to note down some significant ones that made an impact on me. Here is my final list:

  1. Ballet Shoes- Noel Streatfield (I think this book first made me realise my passion for reading. I did ballet for several years throughout primary school which allowed me to really connect with the book. The Fossil sisters particularly taught me of the diligence required to really chase after your dreams. It really is a beautifully written classic).
  2. Wuthering heights- Emily Bronte (A little glum in its nature, i think the dark literature pulled me in. I read this in my early teens and it was the first somber classic i experienced. It had a great impact on me, definitely opening me up to various channels of literature).
  3. MITI and the Japanese Miracle- Chalmers Johnson (This initially was set on the reading list for a class. After absorbing all the various technical terms, it suddenly became my favourite thing to read. My lecturer at the time warned me that this would soon have a “Harry Potter” effect on me. Now, whenever i come across it in a library, i cannot help but pull it out and read one of the pages! The Japanese Miracle is incredibly inspiring and through this particular book, i became opened to a new perspective on life.)
  4. The Secret Life of Bees- Sue Monk Kidd (Every time i read this, i cry! This is such a beautiful book and is honestly always going to be a favourite. It is set during one of my favourite historical eras, the tragic nature of it delicately unfolds in this magical story. Sue Monk Kidd encapsulates a realistic depiction of the civil rights movement and strikingly uplifts the reader in this fantastic piece).
  5. Goodnight Mr Tom- Michelle Magorian (Another war-related novel. I think i have to admit to my obsession with war in general right here. I love history! This has to be the first book that got me obsessed with war books! I read this in year 5 in primary school and i remember at points, when i was reading it at home, it actually made me cry. This book really stuck with me throughout my childhood and made me realise the real fortunate position I was in to be a child of my generation.)
  6. Chinese Cinderella- Adeline Yen Meh (Another beautiful classic (including war!). This just set me off in tears. I think every one can relate to Adeline to some extent. Whether it is the absence of love from your father, or another family member or someone you respect, everyone has felt this way. The extreme case of Adeline again really made me value my life and I have so much respect for this twist on my favourite princess.)
  7. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen (Elizabeth, Bennet, Darcy, Bingley… the incredible britishness of this novel really had me gripped. I love old english stories and this one written by one of my favourite authors just has to be an all time favourite. I love the love triangle, the awkward time wasted because young folk are too foolish to admit their feelings. The entire novel is relatable to every love story and that is why i absolutely adore this novel. In fact, i think it’s time to pick up my copy!)
  8. The Naughtiest Girl in the School- Enid Blyton (Yes, i definitely read this book a million times. My obsession with boarding schools began here (Harry Potter made it worse). The wonderful tales of Elizabeth Allen and everything she got up to at school became my main source of bedtime entertainment as a child. I absolutely loved this book. I used to pretend to be Elizabeth during play games. (I promise i was under 8 years old- the dates written in the novel!). Every little girl should have a copy of this. The sequel is also brilliant!)
  9. Austerity- Mark Blyth (This is one of the more recent novels that has managed to jump its way on the top 10 list. I recommend everyone to read this book. You will definitely become enlightened and more intelligent after reading it. This book really inspired me in determining what my passion is in life. It took me long enough, but this book finished off the final brushes. This book opens you up to behind the scenes of the madness that has become our global economy. The art of modern investors, the role of banks in everything and the concealed truth of the public eye. If you are blind to the truth of the economy. READ THIS BOOK NOW! It is light, tiny, yet extremely powerful. An excellent tool.)
  10. The Last Days of Socrates- Plato (Another war-related one… well sort of. My obsession with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Greek mythology in general begins here. The purpose of this making it onto my top 10 list was the fact that it basically is written in pre-modern times, yet perfectly outlines a reasoning behind human nature and essentially every historical event. Plato is a genius. Socrates has even made it into Kanye’s lyrics. This book will only make you more intelligent and enlightened on the world. Get reading!)

I think one thing i have learnt from making this list is that in order for me to “enjoy” a piece of literature, it really has to personally touch me, something that all of these books have done. Well, i guess that is the very purpose of writing in general. Another thing i have noticed is most of these authors are female, who have been significant models of feminist movements and in publicising the major issues of women (go women!… wow, women are so under rated sometimes!) I would recommend all of these books again and again. Please read them, or don’t. They are my personal favourites, and are kind of personal. I can’t believe i opened up this much about them haha! Enjoy 🙂


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