The art of “humble”

Being humble keeps you grounded.
Being humble makes you feel better as well.
Have you ever sat their one evening or ten feeling sorry for yourself? I think I must have done it for the past four months. It’s quite appalling really. Here I am in self-pity whining about how awful and unfortunate my life is when there are humanitarian disasters spreading like fire through each contour of the world.

Ignorance is what we are. This generous is self-focused and it’s not like we can help it. We are a generation of realist parents. We were born to be selfish, more selfish than those before us.

It’s funny I haven’t smirked like this in a while. If you are feeling sad about something right now, STOP! No seriously. Just think of all those people who are in your position right now, then think of all the people who have been in your position. Now think about the future. How many people are going to be in your position in the future.

That’s right if your problem was a love related one, boohoo suck it up! If it was something more personal actually worthy of being sad about then that’s another matter. But for the most, suck up that feeling and get on with your life. Do what it is to give you that balance again. Take control and dictate your life. Don’t let rejection or hurt push you down. The moment it starts to, the very word is working on you and you are so much better than that. Now suck it up and move on.

Note to reader: this is therapeutical, you should try it.



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