A hard-drive may just save your life

It’s been four hours. I have been furiously messing around with every button and feature on my laptop (the MacBook Pro) and now it is starting to react with the worst possible response, shut down.

Moments later I finally manage to retrieve some form of light in the laptop. It slowly humanises and now it’s come back to life. However there’s a slight problem. When I say slight, it infringes on the very existence and functioning of the laptop. That’s right, my entire hard drive has just been deleted. 😭

Luckily i was sensible enough to have everything saved on a hard-drive (My Passport). By sensible, meaning a friend seriously encouraged me to do so! Currently my laptop is restoring the data from my external hard drive. I don’t know what is going to happen but I do hope my laptop has full intentions of recovering.

So fellow readers, I urge you to instantly back up everything! Okay jot everything but the relevant details on your electronic devices, subject to disappearance, your life will begin to reach an anti-climax. Whether it’s lecture notes, emails, photos, BACK IT UP! Don’t be a fool in the technological age.

I’m just going to attempt to remain occupied in this anxious moment of my life. Let’s hope there is a smooth recovery. ✌️🙏

– A


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