Britain to limit EU Immigration?

The President of European Commission, Jose Manual Barroso has warned that David Cameron’s decision to limit EU immigration is an offence to the European Union and is a mistake. President Barrosa has warned if British politicians continue to focus on negativity in relation to the EU, it will result in public discontent resulting in their dismissal from the EU. David Cameron is merely responding to what his civilians have polled as their most pressing concern during this era.

Does the British population want an exit from the EU?

Should Britain leave the EU?

What implications could this have for the UK?

What does this mean for EU countries and the benefits they receive from Britain?

Whilst the EU has opened up certain areas through harmonisation, the EU is a failed concept. The British population has remained discontent in regards to the EU and continues to feel strongly on reducing the influx of immigrants. At the end of the day, the government is eager to answer with the fundamental concerns and will not leave the EU without a cohesive and popular decision. The European Union is almost an economic contract between the 28 Member-States, however Britain has been anchoring a vast spell of inflowing immigrants who are straining on the economy further, or is this the case? Has misconception amongst the British population resulted in this shifting blame to these immigrants? Could the governments response to immigration cause UKIP to decline in support?

David Cameron has promised an EU referendum, where the public can decide on whether to remain within the EU or not in the next government. The consensus will lead the way…


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