Updates on Ebola

Kofi Annan has criticised leading and developing Member-States of the UN for their “slow response” to the Ebola epidemic. It appears that Britain is leading in the support against Ebola, including aid on the ground in Sierra Leone and screening at airports and train stations. David Cameron has called for strong security action to be implemented across Europe, pushing for airports to increase their screening on this deadly virus.

Warnings from the World Health Organisation have indicated that without strong action against this disease, after two months, there could be as many as 10,000 people catching the disease per week. Here is the latest report fromWHO and find more information here. The NHS (UK) has further information and signs on the epidemic which can be accessed here.

As a resident of King’s Cross, I use the transport at the King’s Cross/ St. Pancras International Station everyday and there has definitely been an increase in security over the past couple of weeks. I am proud of what Britain has done to date but along with the rest of the world, a forceful war on Ebola must be declared and there must be an end to this horrific epidemic.


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