Swearing for Feminism? My thoughts

For those of you who have not yet seen the “Potty- Mouthed Princesses”, here it is.

The creators of this video have used little girls in pink costumes with rather vulgar dialogues, in an attempt to raise awareness on feminism issues, as well as promoting the sale of their t-shirts. The video which is now trending is an attack on social norms and whilst yes it has managed to further raise awareness of the issue, I am not sure I fully agree with the architecture of the video or with young children, girls or boys swearing in such a manner.

Having seen this always advert several weeks ago, I found it a much more suitable and opening act to promote gender equality. I guess the struggle for causes such as gender equality is finding a way to encourage it without insulting social morals. Women still face the struggle against men, but at what level will they stoop to sacrifice their fundamental rights.

As a female, I was brought up suppressed to the males in my house. Their were certain cultural norms which prevented me from doing certain things (i.e. hanging out with boys etc.), but also rescued me from others (i.e. taking out the rubbish). As i grew older, the cultural norms slowly began to unpeel.. I still feel certain cultural pressures, which have evolved through hundreds of years of my ancestors, but my privilege of education has never been undermined, I have never been prevented from going after my ambitions, moving away to another country and studying beyond a Bachelor’s Degree. My parents encouraged me to be successful. Not because of my sex, but because I have the opportunity to at my own leisure as a human being.

I guess the real opener to empowering women is the acceptance and promotion by men. Feminism is no longer the class struggle, gender equality is what we women seek.


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