2014, the end.

in 29 days, something life changing is about to take place. collision. particles. spin. that’s right, we are entering a new year. 29 days left of 2014. it’s insane how quickly time flies. living in london, the hours are like minutes. before you know it time is up. time is of the essence though. embrace every second you have of these next days..challenge yourself, set yourself targets, push yourself to the unknown, think forbidden thoughts, do the unthinkable. because in 29 days your chance to shine in 2014 will be over.
this year has been wonderful to me. i got to experience lots of new and exciting things, meet new people who have already made such an impact on me, and the most exciting thing is it’s still going. more importantly, gender empowerment became a trend on twitter, the sustainable development goals are almost set, political awareness and campaigns reached an all time high, 135 countries recognised Palestine.

Don’t be foolish though, all is not calm. millions are homeless, impoverished with little hope or even access to a thing called hope. racism is still a commonly used adjective and inequalities continue to deepen. Let’s keep everyone in our prayers. I guess the objective of this expression is to call for positivity. Take a minute over these next 29 days and let 2014 rain all over you. reach out, be selfish and do something for you. better yet do something for someone you love.

sweet dreams and God bless.



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