Big Brother: is someone watching you?

I have always been cautious of the “net” and have had my guard up online with my privacy. More recently however I realised I have been scamming myself into many un-negotiated and consented contracts online. Google, Facebook, YouTube.. All these sites have you in contracts where you are officially handing over the licensing of your material by signing up and using their information.

To exacerbate the situation, it just frightens me that everything online is recorded. People also have access to this information (people who are able to tap into this information). I guess my message is for you to be extra cautious when providing information about yourself online. It’s a serious issue which is often wrongly dismissed. Don’t be fooled into this. I’m not saying the information will immediately backfire, but one day it could result in something that could cause harm or defame you.

Anyhow that’s all on this for now.
If anyone is worried about being safe online or needs further advice, please don’t hesitate to ask. I have younger siblings and have offered my steps to safety to them.

Be safe and enjoy!

– A



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