The European Union

For those who are left mentally perplexed at the thought of the European Union, I thought I would digest some of the information into a more consolidated and simpler form.

After the Berlin Wall was brought down (1989) and the Cold War came to an end (1991), the European Union came into place. This was mostly for the sake of Germany’s stability (the two Germanies were re-unified in 1990), but not forgetting the rest of the European countries which had been left fractured and recovering from the permanent spell of illness brought by the atrocities of the war.

What is the European Union (EU)?

The EU is a political and economic partnership between 28 countries in the European continent.

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Whilst the EU became official in 1993, it became involved in economic trade long before, dating back to 1958 with the emergence of the European Economic Community. The EU came into existence to transform the trade industry and make markets more open and accessible within the EU. This was primarily to aid countries in rebuilding and restructuring after the war.

The EU today

After beginning as an economic union, the EU has become political spanning on issues from the environment to human rights. The EU has more recently focused on maximum harmonisation and integration with the EU, particularly with the single market and through initiatives such as the passport system and mutual recognition between countries. These initiatives allow citizens from Member States to enjoy benefits from the other Member States accordingly and to further exceed and result in economic growth.

UK-EU Relations

Historically, the UK has always remained slightly Euro-sceptic. The United Kingdom has a historic legacy both politically and economically and is thus hesitant to fully submerge as just one of the Member-States of the EU in fear of losing its grip of historical power and autonomy. Furthermore the UK has been a leader of legislation, economics, banking and democracy in the modern age and the UK remains powerful without fully obliging to all EU demands.

For more information on the EU, click here.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I am happy to answer 🙂


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