Politics, the human side.

One of my favourite aspects of politics, is the players in the field.

Corruption, upper class and dislike are almost natural thoughts people think about when the word politics comes into place. But in actual fact, on the very face of it all, it is a very gentle association.

Politicians are there for you, to represent you, as an individual and to do all they can to fight for your needs, your requirements and your rights. Politicians may not all be perfect, just like everything else in this world. But the role of a politician or civil servant is very rewarding. Fighting every day in and out for the basic fundamentals of democracy as we know it. It’s a beautiful profession after all.

Politicians are just human. They are surfaced as these alien- like supreme existences, but they are basic bones and mass. They are no different to anyone else. They are human.

Praise to the field of politics, for without it, where would we be? How would we face our individual struggles? What would be the public interface of organisation, communications or survival?

Praise to politicians, for their imperfect perfections.




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