Unspeakable Brutality

Yesterday  my day was ruined, when i read about the Sydney hostage.

Today there is no way of looking forward to another day, with the news of a similar ordeal in Peshawar, Pakistan.

132 children have died to date in the Taliban’s seizure of a school in the area which borders Afghanistan in Pakistan. This school was an Army Pubic School and the Taliban intentionally targeted this school to seek revenge on the Government, which has a large military composition.

The thought of saying goodbye to your children, brother’s, sister’s in the morning, expecting to see them in just a few hours… and then to discover they have been assassinated, helpless victims, targets of an internal battle. The world is in a dark place right now, difficult to form any light.

Like those who were brutally killed yesterday, my heart goes to those troubled by this violent act.
We need to wake up areas of the world and push them with the notions of morality.
It is not enough to continuously hear upon disgrace in the media.

We can’t cope with another civil war, another race battle, another seizure or hostage.

Peace must guide us through these troubles.


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