The surfacing of ‘transport issues’ in Britain

Given that transport and industrialisation were founded in the United Kingdom, it only seems right for it to be a continuous theme in the news and politics today. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has confirmed a £900 million investment plan in the transport industry, bringing the longest cycling lane to exist in Europe, throughout the Central parts… Read More The surfacing of ‘transport issues’ in Britain

What is food?

I just listened to a rather interesting talk by Professor Michael Pollan (Berkeley University), and he has got me thinking about the very sources of food. What do we define as food? Is it the chocolate bars you can buy from the supermarket? The energy drinks bottled and ready with hundreds of ingredients? Or the… Read More What is food?


From Thatcher’s ‘Statecraft’, “We now know that bin Laden’s terrorists had been planning their outrage for years. The propagation of their mad, bad ideology decency forbids calling it a religion- had been taking place before our eyes. We were just too blind to see it.” It’s funny, most Muslims are afraid to utter the word… Read More Terrorism