What is food?

I just listened to a rather interesting talk by Professor Michael Pollan (Berkeley University), and he has got me thinking about the very sources of food.

What do we define as food?
Is it the chocolate bars you can buy from the supermarket? The energy drinks bottled and ready with hundreds of ingredients? Or the ready available French bread at the patisserie counter?

You see, the generation we live in currently and the one that most of us were born into had these stapled goods as basic products of food. Chocolate acting as a convenient snack, bread as a staple In our diet.. Yet the hidden ingredients which we ignore truly illustrate how deductive these products are. We don’t consider all of the e- numbers, the addition of glycerol or the amount of sugar in each of these foods. In some ways we are paying for it with the rising obesity levels, the plethora of new illnesses, the continuous reaction to certain products.

But why do we punish ourselves so?
Well first of all, are we punishing ourselves? The addictive taste of chocolate when it melts In your mouth, the rush you get from energy drinks, ready made pizza 😍.

When we consider life 100 years ago and life 100 years before that. Raw materials were considered food… Wheat, oats, oil, fruit, vegetables. Our ancestors cooked from these raw ingredients and made appetising meals from each one. The nutritional value was of a much higher quality- providing a healthy diet for society.

Where do we draw the line?
I’m not saying don’t eat chocolate or fast food ever again. The important issue here is to consider what you are consuming on a day to day basis. Making the effort and time to work around our busy lifestyles and effectively ensuring you are taking in some nutrition into your diet.

Consider the consequences before it’s too late.


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