The surfacing of ‘transport issues’ in Britain

Given that transport and industrialisation were founded in the United Kingdom, it only seems right for it to be a continuous theme in the news and politics today. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has confirmed a £900 million investment plan in the transport industry, bringing the longest cycling lane to exist in Europe, throughout the Central parts of London.

What will the new plans do?

The plans will reform the transport system in London, making it safer for cyclists by integrating them fully into the transport area and will be creating new links such as between Kings Cross and Elephant and Castle, to improve the efficiency, bringing us closer to what could be the best transport system in Europe.

Well, that’s a lot of money being spent just on transport…

Whilst an extortionate amount of money is being spent on setting the “cycle revolution for London”, i can’t help but think of the exciting benefits it will bring. For starters, roads will be safer for cyclists and pedestrians, which will encourage more cyclists. I can’t even begin to think of the environmental rewards from this scheme. I personally don’t cycle on public roads in London because i don’t feel safe enough doing so. The creation of a safer cycling lane will really give the encouragement to me personally, and to other people who feel affected by this anxiety. As for the transport links, having lived in the US where the New York Subway and Philly Metros are slow and unpleasant, faster transport systems will create a greater convenience for the public and i think it will be a credit to the economy and reap in benefits for the next few decades at least.

Now, the thought of delays from this restructuring and re-development is driving me insane, but the idea of a smoother, efficient and greener transport system in the future (and in the long-term) i have to honestly say, excites me. From an environmental aspect, the initiation of this project will make Britain more responsive to international declarations on protecting the environment and is a major step in leading to a reduction in emissions (in the long-run).

(Other areas of interest in transport in the news are regarding the expansion/ creation of new airports… but that’s another issue for another post!)


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