too much medicine, lost in thought..

After countless self-defence mechanisms and immunity boosting efforts, it happened, that’s right i got sick… and it’s about the third week in now. For those of you who know me well, i am quite the busy-bee. I hate not doing anything and for the first time in a while, i have literally had to deprive myself from society to get rest and recover.

Having resorted to self-imprisonment, i have finally found the time (and excuse) to catch up and update my ‘recently watched’ tab on Netflix and on old readings! From the movies i did see, and had been wanting to see for a while, i was left with a certain state of perplexity, and almost disappointment in society. There was a sense of disheartenment and almost disappointment in the fairly shallow and repetitive portrayals of glamour. And for the readings, from environmental issues to greedy corporations, money and status seem to be the overriding factor in shaping and explaining behavioural patterns. It is a disgrace.

Shiny objects, influencing choices of drinks and attractive entertainment were present, as were the rather exotic and seductive sceneries. The plots were not even that terrible. It was the hope for society. I grasped a division in society. Between right and wrong, good and bad, rich and poor. I guess one thing the movies were particularly successful in doing were signifying the power of the upper hand… the manner by which money and influence can overrule bad, horrid, evil things…even the unthinkable.

Is there no hope for sectors of our society? Are we really a lost cause?

Sources: The Riot Club, The Kingsman, Mr Selfridge, Suits, BBC episode on the nature of ‘family’, lots of readings on the environment, financial crisis, the telecommunications sector, the food industry


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