I see everything oh so much clearer

From the ages of 19-21, the concept of ageing suddenly appeared as an almost phobia.. 

After surrounding myself (naturally) with older people, I have come to the decision that perhaps getting as older is not as terrible as it appears. 

For anyone struggling with the thought of growing older, here’s a few reasons why it isn’t as daunting as it appears..

  1. Well for once, you have more money.. Whether it’s a part- time job or full working life, you get some control over what you spend! 
  2. Your experiences lead you to greater decisions.. Whether it’s choosing a place to live or how to spend an evening, you are so much more focused and experienced- it really does make life a little easier 
  3. You know where you stand, who your friends are and can predict the nature of people before it’s too late. I’m not saying there won’t be any more heartbreaks or years, but there’s a more coherent understanding 
  4. You are so much more wiser, that pretty much speaks for itself! 
  5. You know what you want, that’s the greatest thing about comfortability… You know who you are and your goals are so much lighter in sight 

Don’t be too afraid of getting older.. I mean it is a little daunting, but nothing you can’t handle 🙂 

Besides… There’s always time to embrace your inner-child… 


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