I smell summer 

sun, shades..okay we don’t have the sea but the weather is briefly teasing us with some rays, here are a few beautiful ‘work breaks’ I took this weekend 😝 


8 thoughts on “I smell summer 

      1. Well my roommate is a prick so I am trying to transfer to another apartment in the same complex. Other than that, I need a job but have completed a ton of resume submissions and had a few interviews, so I ought to land a job somewhere ~ fingers crossed, of course!

        How are you dear?


      2. oh dear, that is such a shame!
        I hope the situation gets better soon!
        Good luck with the job hunt, it’s good to hear of someone being productive!
        I am extremely stressed with work/ life at the moment, but nothing i can’t handle.. at least i think haha! 🙂

      3. Yeah I am in the process of transferring to another roomshare in the same apartment complex with 2 other dudes who are supposed to be more chill. And that means less rent since I am currently in a two bedroom situation so thats cool too. Although they slam you with a $175 transfer fee it will pay for itself with monthly rent money saved. Productive maybe but also unsuccessful so idk how much worth that is. I have replied/inquired to nearly 100 places by now I’m sure of it! Ughhhh – its not like this is my first job either!

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