Commonwealth: the future

After participating in yesterday’s ceremony during the Commonwealth Observance Day, i began to grasp a sense of what it means to be in the Commonwealth. Nations, cultures and parts of the world come together to share the same vision of what the world should be. To me, the Commonwealth was little to no real meaning in my life, until i realised that same passion we have to live, that same hope we have for a better world and the same value of equality that is seen amongst my brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth.

It is an honour to be part of the Commonwealth and I am proud of this part of my identity. However, there are many gaps of inequality which continue to define aspects of the Commonwealth and it is fundamental for these bridges to be built.

There has been great emphasis on youth in the Commonwealth. Youth combine almost 50% of the Commonwealth population and it is important to empower youth and consider their views in the the future and in leadership. It is imperative to consider this in all aspects of global affairs and as a youth, i feel this sense of power shifting in the nature of policy leadership – favouring towards this crucial area.

It’s time for a new generation.

If you are a youth (18-25), or younger, or older, what does the future mean to you? What is important to you?

Please, share your thoughts!


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