Posts to come and Happy Easter :)

Okay, so i am in between three different time zones, i have been sleeping under a strict schedule, which is out of sync with my body clock and it is currently 3am in my current time zone. You know what time it is.. that’s right, time to catch up with my mental digital body on here!

In the next couple of posts, i guess i want to iterate some of the insane waves of inspiration, motivation, beauty, pleasure and courage i have had the honour of witnessing.

To begin with, of course a mandatory update on my visits to New Orleans, New York and Philly.. then perhaps a little about the conference, my role and the rollercoaster  event of being a Director and finally where i am, the future, exams are just around the corner…

Anyhow, i hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and ate plenty of chocolate eggs!

– a


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