the beauty of art (amongst other things)

It’s funny how a strangers words can encapsulate the very emotions that you were just thinking. More so, the thought of enlightenment continues to amaze me- a bad relationship, a diminishing friendship, the wrong career, disaster.. the beauty of humanity is the strength we have to correct it. The beauty of art is the freedom of the equality to interpret, ad to that i am eternally grateful, especially to my access to such work. No matter how rich or poor, what colour your skin is or the way you talk, what you see is yours to see, what you think is yours to express. It’s YOUR vision, and that indeed is a powerful concept. I guess we are still working on a few things.. education to express these emotions, education to articulate the correct emotions and the opportunity to have access to express on a platform, but for now this is someones to share, and it gives me great pleasure in sharing this with you.

“her purpose is the purpose of this poem and this popoem, i cannot come to love”

*repost from my instagram*


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