Thought on Brussels

It was absolutely shocking to hear the devastating, heart-crumbling news on my way into work this morning.

Working in a political sphere makes you almost immune to feelings sometimes, until something like this happens and it awakens you, with the most shivering, unwelcome, numb interruption.

A close friend of mine, Hugh, was out in Brussels- along with several other friends I know and for a few moments I sank in my seat, not knowing what to do next.

After contacting and getting responses from my friends, it appeared that the attacks were over. The media was soaking in the excitement of this glum day and although miles away, the fear of being attacked remained.

The world is becoming more and more vulnerable to mass attacks of insanity. It is fundamental that we continue to say not to violence and to prevent these atrocities from taking place.

Enough is enough.

Thoughts and prayers to the victims, families, and significant others who were affected by this twisted news.



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