My thoughts on the EU Referendum

Regardless of whether you are IN, OUT, or SHAKING IT ALL ABOUT! Tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd June 2016, the British people will face the biggest decision they will have to make in the 21st Century.

Providing the British public with a vote on how they feel about the EU is something which our Prime Minister, David Cameron promised he would follow up with in his campaign for the 2015 General Election. The vote which will take place is in somewhat an example of our democracy taking place; the British people deciding where there voice and opinions lie on the UK’s relationship with Europe.

For several months, I have been toying between both ends of the spectrum. Whilst I am not surprised by the amount of publication received on both ends, (admittedly, this was expected when Boris Johnson jumped in to take lead, dare I say Leave!) the endless figures, statistics and nonsensical propaganda I have read was certainly unexpected.

Now, when the campaigns properly kicked off earlier this year, I definitely put myself as on the Leave side. As the race began however, I have found myself being enticed towards the Remain side, mostly because of my disappointment with the Leave campaign.

Just a day left, and I will be backing the remain side. Not only do I fear the colossal effect leaving the EU will have on the economy and the global market, but I fear a politically unstable government if we were to Vote Leave. I think Cameron has proven himself as a strong leader, and is doing a great job as our Prime Minister. A vote to leave could arguably disrupt this balance and more importantly interrupt the long-term plans of our Government. Finally, after listening to the voices of my British friends across Europe and my European friends in the UK, I couldn’t bring myself to vote leave.

Tomorrow, the decision will be yours. But I do hope you will consider the implications of your vote in the process.



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