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Succumbed to the pressure of being vocal about my vote. (Be gentle on me!) Keeping it short and sweet, here goes.

Today, is a very important day. In Britain, we are facing the biggest decision we will have to make in the 21st Century. Now, I don’t like everything about the EU. In fact I could go on for hours about how we need reform.

But, I am concerned about the immediate repercussions which would follow, namely: 
(1) an unstable government, 
(2) the economic backlash
(3) the international response and 
(4) the effect it would have on the 2020 General Election
(5) the problems it would cause for my British friends living across Europe, and European friends living in the UK

I didn’t really warm to the campaigns on both sides, but had to be realistic about my vote.

That’s why I decided to Vote to Remain in the EU.

Either way, if you can, make sure you exercise your right to vote!


One thought on “Comments of the day

  1. What happened is a catastrophe!!The populists scored an impressive victory. I cant be sadder.I think the whole world is sad.This is undoubtedly the end of Europe as we know it.There are multiple scenarios from now on.When Alexis Tsipras the Greek PM called a referendum on the Bailout he somehow managed to ignore the will of the people and keep the bailout in place.But Britain is not Greece and i dont believe that solution will be applied now.I truly believe The UK will withdraw and i think trade barriers will be impose leading to a severe recession and massive unemployment everywhere.However granting a special status to the uk will only trigger a contagion effect galvanizing politicians like Marine Le Pen,Gert Wilders and Matteo Salvini who want to destroy the EU .That would solidify their argument that we should go backwards and break up the union.If other countries withdraw and the Euro collapses then there will be an even bigger crisis.The UK faces the possibility of Cameron s resignation,new elections, a big crisis ,the revival of the scottish independence debate all together.Cameron is the one to blame for all.He was a Great PM all the time but he made a formidable mistake by calling this referendum.He ruined his career appart from inflicting pain on the UK and Europe.Sometimes ordinary people arent well informed and cant decide well.There was an “Excess of Democracy” here.

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