Saturday 21st January, Women’s March

Rewind 10 years, midday, zoom into a classroom window in the city of Manchester and we’re in Mr Clarke’s History class. Votes, equality, abortion; three themes which dominated the marches in our textbooks. All of a sudden, it was ok to talk about sex, LSD and being gay – after all, we were being graded essentially on our understanding of the ‘Swinging Sixties’.

Present day – the day after Donald Trump’s Inauguration ceremony, 23 years old, midday, focus on a crowd in central London and it’s me with a group of women, men and children.

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing – I’m certainly not protesting.

I’m just there to feel empowered. I’ve been a little lost this week, it’s been a strange one – I guess you could say the January blues got to me a little.. but here I am somehow, moving in this movement which means something to everyone in a different way, but fulfills each one of those feelings through the unity, solidarity and togetherness.

Thank you to all who turned up and came today – you raised my spirits and lifted me into infinity, and infinity I shall remain.

Ending with a big smile.

Thank you.




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