The real face of a feminist.

Feminist, “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”… but here’s the thing, it isn’t women who are feminists today.

Feminism has been misconstrued and portrayed in the modern age. It’s not just about women fighting for the rights of women, it’s about men and women, mother and father, brother and sister, together, operating in a world where people are equal – regardless of their sex, age, colour or appearance.

Today, in the women’s march in London, it was groundbreaking to see so many men, boys and children with women. Young boys carrying sign sloganned “I’m with Her” and “This is what a feminist looks like”.

Togetherness is key. It’s quintessential to achieving and securing the notion we call rights.

I saw what I thought was John C Reilly today. I couldn’t stop staring at him – I tried not to, so instead I turned and said. You’re John Reilly? He said, Yeah I am, and smiled. Then talked about the significance of being at this event.

Well I’m with Him, I’m with every Him who stands up for Her rights.




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