Fascinating. ‘Global’ – brings an ingenious element to the world. The word highlights the living mutual co-existence of cultures, communities and civilians. Hundreds of them, thousands of them, millions. An uncapped, unlimited number of options for an impossibly reachable number.

I considered globalisation to be an explanation of how the world has managed to come together – how different countries copy from one another and trade, let’s not forget trade, for after all – trade has a huge role in this connectivity.

Now I’m totally word vomming but I’ve just been thinking about the flaws of a globalised world and my my my – the consequences are irreversible, inescapable and unrespone. To list a few

  • Environmental degradation 
  • Rising levels of inequality
  • Disparities of wealth 
  • Health consequences 
  • Lack of investment and trust in partnerships – flaws

Globalisation was a great thing, some might still say it is, but the considerable negative implications of this word which describes the coming together of this workd must be overcome. It’s fundamental that countries, regardless of their motives, overcome the difficult challenges ahead. 

The considerably tragic end to this blog post is that I think we’re all screwed. I disagree with the idea that we can save this planet. As many activitss as we may have, there struggle is a big, huge one that engulfs the very existence of our race.


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