Florence for the evening (preferably).

From the gloomy, grey skies, to the dark, hidden, secretive codes, Florence is a magical, puzzling place.

The secretive codes, enchanting buildings and the mysterious atmosphere are enough to confirm that Florence, is always almost an excellent idea.

Some reasons why I left parts of me in Florence..


Inside the famous Dumuo – we took a moment to make a little wish.


We stayed just a few minutes from the famous Duomo.

Walking and seeing this place every time you left the hotel was certainly a real treat for the eyes.


The entire time it rained, but there was something so soothing about just being there – the rain added to the atmosphere and made you appreciate the place a little more.


So many book shops. I loved that there were so many books – a true Machiavellian city which made me appreciate my years of studying Machiavelli and the political rulers.


No boundaries. In a time where there’s political chaos – from the rise to the left and populism, the wave of political uprisings certainly disappeared in a peaceful form.

The various scattered works of art just like this, symbolised a different form of expression – more meaningful and with a stroke of talent, something so powerful in itself.


The fresh herbs – the food was simply sensational.


This is my favourite photo of the lot. It symbolised a natural sense of belonging. The way the fluorescents resonated and lit up this antique place – it was as if the structures of the buildings and the patterns of each stone were just simply meant to be. I keep looking at this photo – it takes your mind off whatever your’e thinking.

Really powerful and enriching – beautiful.


More mythology… and ancient history…and all of that. Just can’t get enough of it!


This one feels like it was just a dream – did this even happen – is that a painted sky?


Nope. It really happened.


Yup, can’t quite believe it still. Breathtaking view.


I love running water.

Walking by the water just makes you come back to life. It’s an essential element and something purifying about being by the water.


I also love it when the skies meet the water.

Makes you realise we really do live on planet Earth.


At night, the Duomo again is breathtaking.

It looks as though it’s actually lit up – but it’s the architecture of the building – really quite something.


For some time now E.M. Foster’s ‘A Room with a View’ has been sitting on my shelf.

Yeah, I think this view could quite possibly inspire me to endlessly write.


Without the flash – again, not enough words can  really sum up this view.




This one’s for David.

David, if you’re reading. this one’s for you.


I went not intending to spend more than the Euros I’d transferred.

I have no regrets, but I definitely made a hole in my bank account!


Pasta Station. Still can’t get over this.


Just before I left to head to Pisa Airport, one last stroll along the bridges.


Dreamy, gloomy dreams…


And of course the Renaissance.


Ciao Firenze!


Pizza by the slice hehehe.


Now that’s what I’m talking about nom nom nom.

Firenze, I’ll come back for the scattered pieces of my heart some day.

Maybe for some of that famous Tuscan sun..

But for now I can only hope they become a part of the furniture.

Ciao bellas!


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