Kings Cross

Kings Cross… known to be loud, a history of drug dealing and prostitution – especially during the 60s/70s… but this place has a really close place in my heart.

Embedded in the heart of Camden, I’ll never forget this region which reminds me of why I love London so much.

I thought living walking distance to work in Westminster was the dream, but there’s something open, free and reliable about the atmosphere and crowd you can always expect in this place. 

You have the cool, edgy students from Central Saint Martins who bring definition to the modern day hipster, and then you have the families strolling around the canals and let’s not forget Camden is just down the canal…

I love this place. I love the vibe and I miss the exciting feeling I’d get that I was living in London for the first time.

Thank you Kings Cross – I am eternally grateful for the months of character building, fashion lessons and life achievements that took place on these very steps. 

Let’s not forget the friendship and memories. 

Forever changing and consistently fulfilling.




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