Snap Election 2017 

Let’s scroll back a few days in the calendar. Tuesday 18th April 2017. It’s the first day back after the bank holiday and like most of my colleagues,  I thought I’d just have a nice easy week after working solidly and catching up throughout Parliamentary Recess.

Apparently not. It’s already mad busy and now I can’t focus because the news headlines are flashing about an urgent announcement from the PM at 11:15. Nothing is going in now and we have more than an hour to go… everyone to put it frankly is freaking the fuck out!

People are lying on the floor: guesses are – an election (but no surely not, PM has said no to this repeatedly!), an announcement on the situation in Northern Ireland, something Brexit related, something relating to North Korea – China’s – US – Russia (nuclear disaster related news)? 

But everyone is focusing on the thought of another election… it then gets to just before 11. Laura Kuennesburg has just announced that there will be a General Election. That’s it everyone’s losing the plot another election? Why on earth would they do that nooooo.

What makes it even worse is the PM starts speaking on that heavily analysed blank podium before the promised time of 11:15. How can we not stick to the schedule ahhh!

Immediate thoughts: Ok so a General Election. NOOOO we need stability. I mean yes the election will probably help the Government and it’s influence… it will improve it undoubtedly, but it’s just stressful. The emotions of going through an election take you from one scale of emotions to another. You’re constantly anxious, happy, sad, claustrophobic and alone all at the same time. It’s awful.

Yes, when the energy is right it’s a lot of fun. But just with elections being so negative consistently across the globe right now, the thought of another one is just the end of the world.

Day 2: ok so the vote on the election has happened and there’s definitely going to be one. Everyone keep calm. Breathe. It’s going to be ok.

Day 3: I’m already completely exhausted from the planning, organising, stress, emails, timing, planning, rules, understanding and gearing up for the next 7 weeks

Day 4: I’m still tired, frustrated and annoyed. There are elections – Local Elections taking place on Thursday 4th May – the general public is going to get really confused and it takes away, for me, the privilege and importance of voting. 

Day 5: 48 days left – I’m calming down. I’m actually starting to enjoy some of the planning for this. Yes it’s my day off and yes it’s 6am and I’m working, but I quite like it: I guess this is how the next six or so weeks will run.

I’ll try and document my feelings every day between now and the election but I guess the elections are being held for a good reason. 

It will be interesting to see what effect it will have on the other parties especially – Lib Dems will probably snatch a few seats from Labour. I doubt UKIP will ever pick up momentum and I’m certainly eager to see who will replace Corbyn once he’s wiped out.

Until next time,



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