10562713_527128660799641_78692621403446473_oAsra Shakoor.


Political Aide in UK Parliament.

Volunteer at National Model United Nations.

Blog to document the evolution of my thoughts throughout my twenties.

Please feel free to contact me below with any questions/ comments/ random thoughts.

Enjoy 🙂


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Good god! Somebody is intelligent! I look forward to reading! You don’t have a Facebook platform for contact? If no its fine I just find it kinda funny since its the most popular I would say.


      1. I’m from the northern (NW) part of the country and London was always appealing to study/ move to from a young age so I that’s how I ended up there- through university! I also spent an exchange year in the US which was incredible and an unforgettable experience! And you?

      2. Where in the US were you? That is where I am from. I am about to transfer to North Carolina to finish up my Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with a possible minor in either Psychology or Spanish.

      3. Ah wow thats exciting! I love Philosophy (but im always afraid to consider thoughts…often leads to a never ending brain game)! I was in the ever so beautiful Massachusettes!

  2. Hi..I left you a comment.Im absolutely amazed by this blog and your knowledge.I study engineering(but i love politics).I really learned a lot reading you.You are one of those persons it would be very interesting to hold a conversation with one day.Is there any way of contacting you?

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