Fascinating. ‘Global’ – brings an ingenious element to the world. The word highlights the living mutual co-existence of cultures, communities and civilians. Hundreds of them, thousands of them, millions. An uncapped, unlimited number of options for an impossibly reachable number. I considered globalisation to be an explanation of how the world has managed to come… Read More Globalisation

Shake Shack

Shake Shack has opened in Leicester Square.. so naturally after my run, I just had to try the most scrummiest thing on the menu. I ended up going for a Coffee and Donut flavoured Cornet – it was basically a bowl of frozen custard ice cream (which is used as a base for most of… Read More Shake Shack

US Elections 2016

I distinctly remember the 2012 US Elections. The run-up to it coincided with my first year of university (BA Politics and International Relations); naturally, it was a topic of fascination. As we entered the final quarter before the election, I found myself passionate and excited. I was living in Massachusetts at the time. There was… Read More US Elections 2016

Travel Updates 

After waiting and waiting, the time arrived and I finally flew out to New York! I have to commend Delta on their flight.. Whilst the attendants were a little less friendly than other airlines, the overall journey was comfortable and the service was excellent. There was a wide selection of fairly current movies and the… Read More Travel Updates 


From Thatcher’s ‘Statecraft’, “We now know that bin Laden’s terrorists had been planning their outrage for years. The propagation of their mad, bad ideology decency forbids calling it a religion- had been taking place before our eyes. We were just too blind to see it.” It’s funny, most Muslims are afraid to utter the word… Read More Terrorism